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Beowulf Exhausts - Performance, Pics, Dynos, Reviews
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Beowulf Motorcycle Exhausts

Beowulf Performance Products are a Halifax based manufacturer of performance exhausts and other aftermarket accessories. While they may not be the biggest of companies their product is second to none. They are fanatical about three things: the quality of the materials they use, the fact that all parts, internals included are manufactured in-house and finally their customer service. As a result they can afford to offer a lifetime guarantee on all their exhausts.

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Beowulf Exhaust Model Range - Click on any link for prices

Beowulf Warrior

Beowulf recently added this striking new end can to their range.

They say ......
"The Beowulf WARRIOR is our exciting new shape silencer. Not your usual tri-oval as seen all over the market - something a little different. This silencer has four sides, perfectly radiused to look sleek and stylish."

We say ....
"Personally I love these cans. The shape really is something different than anything else on the market. They look hand-made, and this is no reflection on the quality of the finish which is superb, but just lovingly crafted. A pair gold fade option looks superb on the back of Kawasaki's new Z1000. My only criticism is with the logo on the cans which for me is the only clue these pipes aren't 500 plus. In fact they represent exceptional value for money.

Full system prices from 120 - Click to find where to buy

Where to buy Beowulf Exhausts

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