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Honda CBR125 Performance Exhausts
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Honda CBR125 Performance Exhausts

First manufactured released in 2004, the CBR125 takes its design cues from its older brother the CBR600. Replacing the 2 stroke NSR (no longer viable on account of tighter emissions restrictions) the CBR filled a gap in Honda's range for learner riders looking for a race replica first bikes. While derestriction on the CBR125 is not quite as simple as its 2 stroke predecessors an upgrade to a performance exhaust will certainly release a few more than the 13 measly ponies on offer as standard. The improved exhaust note further belies the engine's smaller proportions sounding more like howl of a 400 race rep than the muffled purr of emitted by the standard exhaust.

Honda CBR125 Sound Clips & Videos

Honda CBR125 Photos

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Why upgrade your CBR125 Exhausts?

  Potential Power Increase 
  • Silencer only - 2 bhp
  • Full system - 3-4 bhp
  Potential Weight Saving 
  • Silencer only - 1.5kg
  • Full System - 3kg

Honda CBR125 Performance Exhaust Reviews

Micron High Level Pipework to fit Delta Silencer from

"High-level pipework for the Honda CBR125R by Micron offers increased ground clearance and weight saving. The all-stainless steel pipes claim to offer a considerable weight reduction as well as a 15 per cent power increase for 124.99, and will fit with the Micron Delta+ road-legal silencer."
Prices from 125 Click to find recommended retailers

CBR125 2004- Best Buys

CompanyPackage NamePriceMaterial Shape Road Legal Rider Rating 
Race Tech - Road LegalN/AAluminium
Removable Baffle
RevolutionN/AStainless SteelOvalRoad & Race versions availablexx%

Last Updated: Saturday, 27-October-2007

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