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Mivv Exhausts - Sound clips, Videos, Pics, Discounts, Dynos, Reviews
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Mivv Performance Motorcycle Exhausts

Mivv Exhausts are another Italian manufacturer and show the typical design flair we’ve come to expect of the nation. Last year they released two new product lines as detailed below following demand for shorty-style silencer’s emulating Moto GP bikes and cone-shaped silencers reminiscent of sports bikes of the late 70s (and very cool too). If you like this style of silencer also worth a look at the Powercone from Remus and some of Campbell Exhaust’s one-off creations.

Both models come with removable baffles (or ‘DB killers’ as Mivv like many other manufacturers insist on calling them) so they’ll keep you the right side of the law if you leave them in.

Special offer ! Discounts available for Mivv Exhausts. See below

Mivv Sound Clips & Videos

Mivv Photos

Mivv Exhaust Model Range - Click on any link to find prices

Mivv X-Cone

  • Retro cone shape
  • All stainless steel construction, great longevity
  • Race developed sound
  • Baffle insert and racing model available

They say ......
"Conical silencers with a retro style, totally made of Stainless Steel and developed to suit most naked and super sports models."

We say ....
"I have to confess to conical end cans like this hold a real appeal for me. Since they typically have a much narrower guage than conventional silencers to my eye they look extremely sleek. Have a listen on our sound clips page to get an ear for the sort of sound they produce. Reasonably priced too and you don't see too many around"

Prices from £186 - Click to find where to buy

Mivv GP

  • Moto GP style short silencers
  • Available in titaniun or carbon
  • Available as race use only or with DB killer insert

They say ......
"The timbre is decided and full of determination, even if it respects the limits fixed by the law."

We say ....
"Err right guys, thanks. Fortunately Mivv make exhausts considerably better than they translate sales copy! The GP silencers are stocky, stubby affairs but look good and really bark under abrupt revs."

Prices from £213 - Click to find where to buy

Where to buy Mivv Exhausts

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